Welcome to the new Enflick.com!

Posted by: admin

16 March 2013


By now you’ve probably noticed we have our brand new company site!

The inspiration for a re-design of our corporate website, enflick.com, was to do a better job of representing us – a small, talented team in Waterloo, Canada and San Francisco, California with a mission to make personal communication more accessible, valuable and enjoyable. We strive to keep things clean and simple and are not afraid to challenge conventions. Our redesign was kicked off by our Product Designer Jon Halk in one of our Hackathons, and here we are today.

With the re-design we are also kicking off our new company blog. On our blog we will be sharing company news, product launches and updates, interesting content on technical and design challenges directly from our developers and designers, and much more. Be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep in touch!